Roadtrip to Fjand in Denmark, dog friendly beaches

Europe Roadtrip to Fjand from Germany Hamburg to Denmark. This time i want to write about the Roadtrip to Fjand,  Denmark the northern neighbor of Germany. I love to go there because its not so far away and i just love to do road trips not only because i can take my dog with me:) but that is of course a huge advantage. You won’t get … get more…Roadtrip to Fjand in Denmark, dog friendly beaches

From Gili Trawangan to Lombok, more people then seats

Lombok, Sengigi and how we got there. After two well spent nights on Gili Trawangan we decided to take the public fairy to Lombok. Those boats are constantly leaving when they are full (40 persons). Its quite an adventure and if you get seasick easily you should take some medication because it will be a bid bumpy 😉 You can already book busses at Gili … get more…From Gili Trawangan to Lombok, more people then seats

Canggu Hippster Hotspot

Canggu the Place to be on Bali Canggu is personally my favorite place to be in Bali. Not for the nature but for the night life and the hippy atmosphere. It’s also a hotspot for traveler, backpackers and dropouts. There we met so many awesome people you easily connect to and party together. You like kissing at the beach and dancing under the stars at … get more…Canggu Hippster Hotspot

Fear of flying

Don’t give in your fear of flying I know that many people have to cope with the fear of flying so i want to talk about it. You must know that i’am one of about 16 % of the global people that are scared of flying. I also know a lot of people who are not scared but feel at least unpleasant sitting in a … get more…Fear of flying