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Bali Seminyak / Kerobokan

Our homestay in Bali Seminyak/ Kerobokan In Bali we were lucky to have a private room in a villa because my cousin is half indonese and we slept in the room of her friend who was in Germany at that time. We even had a little pool we could use and a car, which was such a luxury. The house was in Kerobokan, a town … get more…Bali Seminyak / Kerobokan

Lakes in and around Hamburg

Öjendorfer Lake If you like to relaxe and take a rest from the big city life in Hamburg then you should definetily take some time to take a closer look at Hamburgs green areas. With Lakes in and around Hamburg we would like to start a little series of what we think is worth showing you. Always with us, we have our drone. About Today … get more…Lakes in and around Hamburg