Roadtrip to Fjand in Denmark, dog friendly beaches

Europe Roadtrip to Fjand from Germany Hamburg to Denmark. This time i want to write about the Roadtrip to Fjand,  Denmark the northern neighbor of Germany. I love to go there because its not so far away and i just love to do road trips not only because i can take my dog with me:) but that is of course a huge advantage. You won’t get … get more…Roadtrip to Fjand in Denmark, dog friendly beaches

Dubai desert safari tour

The Dubai desert safari tour We decided to book a Dubai desert safari tour for one day within our 2 nights of Dubai stay. Back in Germany we already booked the tour online. Payment was in Euro and after finishing the whole tour in Dubai. There are plenty offers of all kind of desert safari tours, starting at 30 euros, you can check out the … get more…Dubai desert safari tour

From Gili Trawangan to Lombok, more people then seats

Lombok, Sengigi and how we got there. After two well spent nights on Gili Trawangan we decided to take the public fairy to Lombok. Those boats are constantly leaving when they are full (40 persons). Its quite an adventure and if you get seasick easily you should take some medication because it will be a bid bumpy 😉 You can already book busses at Gili … get more…From Gili Trawangan to Lombok, more people then seats

Thousand Islands: Pulau Macan, Indonesia

Living like Robinson Crusoe, a dream come true Pulau Macan If you love to spend some days on a small island with only a handful of other people in a cute little lodge then you should’t miss Pulau Macan. Pulau Macan is one of the Thousand Islands from Jakarta in Java, Indonesia. You can only get there by boat and it will take you about two … get more…Thousand Islands: Pulau Macan, Indonesia

2 Nights in Kuta, Lombok

In Lombok After two nights of Sengigi we decided to see Kuta, Lombok because we heard it should be nice there. We organized us a shuttle bus one night before leaving. We payed in advance as always and met a cute indonesian employee who got us a good deal. Well what happened then, was so typically again and annoying. Our shuttle never came. If this … get more…2 Nights in Kuta, Lombok

Canggu Hippster Hotspot

Canggu the Place to be on Bali Canggu is personally my favorite place to be in Bali. Not for the nature but for the night life and the hippy atmosphere. It’s also a hotspot for traveler, backpackers and dropouts. There we met so many awesome people you easily connect to and party together. You like kissing at the beach and dancing under the stars at … get more…Canggu Hippster Hotspot

Lakes in and around Hamburg (hidden places) Boberg

Boberg and its dunes (Hamburg hidden places) This time we want to show you the “Boberger Dünen” also in the east of Hamburg. There are two main but small entrances i know of that you can reach by car and another biking trail leading into the park. The “Boberger Dünen” is a nature reserve with beautiful walking and riding trails. It is famous for its … get more…Lakes in and around Hamburg (hidden places) Boberg

Bali Seminyak / Kerobokan

Our homestay in Bali Seminyak/ Kerobokan In Bali we were lucky to have a private room in a villa because my cousin is half indonese and we slept in the room of her friend who was in Germany at that time. We even had a little pool we could use and a car, which was such a luxury. The house was in Kerobokan, a town … get more…Bali Seminyak / Kerobokan