About belivo-travel

Belivo Travel is who? We are two girls from the north of Germany, Bel and Max who like to travel and take beautiful pictures. Recently we got us a drone.


has a master degree in Biology and a Bachelor in Agriculture. Before her studies she did dance school and is working as a dance teacher since. She developed her passion for traveling while she was working on a cruise ship for 6 month as a dancer in the ensemble. Her love for dance, nature and traveling continues to grow, so it was just a matter of time that she decided to make her own (belivo-) travel blog. As a freelancer Bel has the possibility to travel more then 2 month a year because of the school vacations in Germany.  She also loves iPhone photography (actually iPhone SE) and loves Instagram you can follow her here: Instagram Travel Belinda.


Max has a bachelor in communication-design also known as graphic-design and visual arts. Before her studies she was already using the adobe collection and had a lot of fun with graphics and web-design. She loves cars and is interested in new technology. She is also very business orientated and is constantly creating new brands and start ups. After launching 2 companies since 2011 in germany (they still running today) you could say that it’s really her thing. She just loves the freedom of being independent and is always looking for new business opportunities by scanning the market and trying to find the next idea. Always brave enough to take a risk.


Our Why:  We started this blog because Max has the professional know how to create a website with in all the technical terms and designing tools, where as Bel likes to write about their stories. So in combination they are not only longterm friends but also a wonderful team to create a beautiful belivo travel blog that you will enjoy too.


Belivo travel future mindset The future goal would be to live a nomad lifestyle out of a van completely self-sufficient and independent. In addition one or two apartments in a sunny country are on our list too ;). At the moment Max is looking for the right vehicle/van we can modify for our purposes.

Working and writing while traveling and living out of it would be a dream come true. There is so much to discover and you only have so little time on earth so better spend it wisely!

Always ask yourself: What would you do if you don’t need money for a living? The answer is most of the time from your heart, you should follow it!