Roadtrip to Fjand in Denmark, dog friendly beaches

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Europe Roadtrip to Fjand from Germany Hamburg to Denmark.

On top of the rock

This time i want to write about the Roadtrip to Fjand,  Denmark the northern neighbor of Germany. I love to go there because its not so far away and i just love to do road trips not only because i can take my dog with me:) but that is of course a huge advantage. You won’t get stopped at the border and everybody speaks english or even german. You can pay with your Maestro card or with the most common credits cards. In Denmark you still have the danish krones to pay with but we didn’t have to change money because we brought everything with us.


I forgot my toothbrush though, but we got one for me at LIDL. So actually the prices are almost the same when you go to LIDL but if you have space in your trunk you can load up. This time we booked a house over Dancenter but there are also other pages where you can look for houses. In Fjand we found a very cute and cheap house only 300 meters to the beach. One week was only 261€ for the whole house. We were only two but there was space for at least 4 Persons. So i would call it a low budged vacation for one week of relaxation and salty healthy air.

In autumn the weather is already very windy and chilly but it is very cosy to be inside the house and light some candles. To save money you better don’t use the heater because it will be generated with electricity so that is quite expansive.

Denmark, Fjand
Food creation

We actually thought that we have a fireplace so i brought 30 kg of wooden briquettes hahaha. Well, it turned out that we didn’t 🙁

We only had a small barbecue grill so once or twice we could at least make a fire in there and sit outside on the porch. We used it also to make some banana with kinder chocolate inside of it. That is just so tasty i can tell you.


Dog friendly Roadtrip to Fjand

Denmark, Fjand
Denmark, Fjand

In Denmark dogs are very welcome. You can choose houses that allow dogs so thats what we did. There is still a whole bunch of houses you can choose from. You just have to make sure that you don’t leave them alone there and no bed no couch.

My dog is a chihuahua, so that one doesn’t even count in my eyes 😉 So if you enjoy the silence and walking your dog at the beach without a leash nobody will care 😉 The beaches in Denmark are very clean just like in Germany.

Kiting in Denmark Fjand

Kiting in Denmark
Roadtrip to Fjand
Yoga session at the beach

Don’t forget your kite for some fun in the wind 😉 Its so easy with the wind and make a lot of fun. I just used and old cheap kite from ALDI i bought once 😀

But if you are more into the kite sports i bed you will enjoy yourself. For me the wind was almost a bid too strong so it was hard to get the kite back in.

All in all the Roadtrip to Fjand, Denmark is perfect for beach walks and having fun doing pictures and even go into the water if you are brave enough. The water has almost the same temperature as the air so it is totally possible.

Denmark is also very gay friendly so if you like to travel gay friendly don’t hesitate to visit Denmark. In the Bigger cities you have a pretty rich gay scene, especially  in Copenhagen. The Christopher street day is a big event in Copenhagen we already were part of and enjoyed a lot. So walking hand and hand and kissing at the beach for gay couples  will be seen as normal as it is. All scandinavian countries are very liberal and openminded 🙂

Roadtrip to Fjand
Gay Friendly Denmark

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