Thousand Islands: Pulau Macan, Indonesia

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Pulau Macan

Living like Robinson Crusoe, a dream come true

Pulau Macan

Arrived on Pulau macan

If you love to spend some days on a small island with only a handful of other people in a cute little lodge then you should’t miss Pulau Macan. Pulau Macan is one of the Thousand Islands from Jakarta in Java, Indonesia. You can only get there by boat and it will take you about two hours to get there. One night including the transfer will cost you around 117€ which is quite a lot but it is worth it. You have 3 meals a day included which consist of a magnificent buffet.

The Island

What you get is all biological planting because most of it grows on the island. They have varanes on the Island, one of them is as long as i am tall.

Pulau macan, varan

They swim from island to island, and i got told that they love to eat what is left in the compost. Also included is the snorkel equipment and standup paddling as well as canoes. That is the best way to go visit the Island next to Pulau Macan.

Neighbor island of pulau macan
Thousand Islands Pulau Macan







When we arrived i felt already like i never want to leave again but we only booked one night. Every afternoon there is a snorkeling trip you can join for free. There is WIFI but only in the main building where the food gets served.

Pulas macan swing

There are hammocks and swings on the island you can hang out in. Electricity only after 5 pm though. But that is ok, you can load your cellphone then. Anyway, you will hang out in the water all the time or visit the neighbor island, so you will be occupied. On the neighbor island we took the most beautiful pictures. When it is sunset you should also take some romantic pictures with the sunset.




The Lodges

Every House/ Lodge is different and has its own charm. The Restrooms are extra, so you have to walk a couple feet to get there depending on which house you are in. Some houses are with ocean view but since the island is so small you actually have the ocean surrounding you. In the houses you have mosquito nets over your bed and there is insecticides you can use.


Nightmare in paradise

I had a really bad encounter with a cockroach at night. Somehow one must have gotten inside the mosquito net. I woke up hitting myself because i felt something on my leg. I got it and thought it was a moth and wanted to wash off the dirt of my hands. So i went to the restroom to clean my hands and when i looked into the mirror it felt like a horror movie. I saw an injured cockroach caught in my hair and freaked out immediately.  On top of that i also have to mention that i was sick that night and had a fever and some bad diarrhea, so i thought maybe i am just hallucinating. I asked for help but the insect was gone. I must have shaken it out when i panicked. Maybe it is still in my hair hahaha

Just be aware of things like that when you are in nature. On my whole Indonesia travel, which was almost 6 weeks long, I saw two toxic sea snakes, loads of spiders and other insects. The Indonesians would say: ” ahh yeah, its very poison snake but friendly snake ” 😀


Impressions of Pulau Macan



Pulau Macan
neighbor island of pulau macan
Pulau Macan
neighbor island of pulau macan

Pulau Macan

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