From Gili Trawangan to Lombok, more people then seats

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Gili Trawangan

Lombok, Sengigi and how we got there.

Sunset in Lombok

After two well spent nights on Gili Trawangan we decided to take the public fairy to Lombok. Those boats are constantly leaving when they are full (40 persons). Its quite an adventure and if you get seasick easily you should take some medication because it will be a bid bumpy 😉

You can already book busses at Gili Trawangan that willl bring you to your final destination in Lombok because the public fairy will only bring you to Bangsal Lombok. We wanted to go to Sengigi Lombok where we already booked a cheap homestay. They will tell you that the busses will bring you to your place but at the end you never know if this will happen. You have to pay in advance…. I really hated that because you won’t be able to talk to anybody for complains,  if something goes wrong. For example, we had to wait two hours in Bangsal for our bus shuttle. Of course you will wait in a shabby restaurant/ warung, so most people bought something to eat. This was their plan to make some extra money of the tourists, it seemed to me. I was really pissed and tried to get free Wifi, which you only get when you buy something. Well as you know by now, we are some smart asses and asked some other german traveler, that were buying something, to tell us the password. So at least we had internet while we where waiting.

Taking the shuttle to our homestay

Road to Sengigi

Ok…. then all of the sudden you had to be fast because 3 shuttles where coming, but there where more people then seats and also some had more luggage then others. Finally we got us a seat and off we went. The road next to the ocean we drove was so beautiful. I mean,  you could see little bays and beaches when you looked down, so make sure you get a seat on the right site of the shuttle bus;)

We got dropped off at the main street next to our homestay. The Indah Homestay is not easy to find and first we thought omg this can’t be it. We made our way through small twisted alleyways till we found this little oasis hidden between the “slums” of Sengigi.

This gay friendly homestay is really something special for low budged traveler i would say. We only paid about 10 or 15 € a night for 2 people .

Meeting friends from Germany at the other side of the world.

Meeting in Lombok, Sengigi

The funny thing was, that we even met some friends of mine from Germany. They are a cute lesbian couple that where already traveling 5 month through Nepal and other countries. They were also staying at the Indah Homestay a couple weeks before we arrived and would have loved to get a room again while we were staying there. But it was all booked out. We still met there because they left some of their luggage with the lady. Also she offered them to stay at a friends place of her not so far away from the Indah Homestay. Then we spend a really awesome evening with them eating at a typical Warung/Restaurant and later at the beach, singing and playing guitar under the stars with a beautiful moon above us that night.

Lombok Sengigi
Lombok, Sengigi

Because we didn’t have a pool at our homestay we decided to sneak in to a much fancier hotel directly at the beach with a pool and ocean view 😉 We were the only two persons there anyway, so i guess it was totally ok that at least someone is using the Pool 😉

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