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Spicy Coconut

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Then i have the perfect place to go for you for vegan Bali tips.

The Spicy Coconut is my favorite restaurant/ warung in Bali, even though i am not vegan. The restaurant is run by an australian woman we once met because we wanted to go there on sunday and we didn’t know that it is closed on sundays. Prices are totally fine for the amount you get and the good quality.

This small neat and stylish Restaurant is located in North Seminyak. The service is really good, everybody is friendly and always ready to fulfill your wishes. At the back is a lounge area which is more comfortable then the tables. I love the colors of the tables though. I noticed some food blogger taking pictures sometimes when i was there because the food and drinks where prepared with so much love.

All vegan at The Spicy Coconut!

They even offer vegan burgers with black slices of bread. The drinks are really healthy and of course you can get a whole coconut. For breakfast i would recommend  a smoothie bowl, which i have learned to appreciate while i was staying in Bali. But they also serve delicious pancakes!

You can even buy some merchandise, like bags with The Spicy Coconut logo on it.

So if you are around the area don’t miss to come by and check it out for yourself 😉

Go vegan!

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