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Öjendorfer Lake

If you like to relaxe and take a rest from the big city life in Hamburg then you should definetily take some time to take a closer look at Hamburgs green areas. With Lakes in and around Hamburg we would like to start a little series of what we think is worth showing you. Always with us, we have our drone.


Today we went to the „Öjendorfer Park“ which is the hird biggest Park in Hamburg (42 ha) In the center of the „Öjendorfer Park“ there is the Öjendorfer lake. When you drive to the east of Hamburg you won’t miss it.

It is a perfect place to have a walk around the lake or have a run. The distance around the lake is about 3.7 km if you take the footpath. So walking around takes you less than an hour.

The Park has 7 parking areas and two big playgrounds where you can have a snack or a drink at a kiosk. This park is not crowded and very dog friendly. There is a huge meadow where you can let your dog play with other dogs without using a leash.There are two bathing inputs, both located at the west side of the lake. The North of the Lake is nature reserved and not accessible. There you can observe birds if you are interested.

There are also some events like the midievil festival two times a year or the easter fire on easter.

Today we took a little video in the Park with our drone so you can get a better impression.

Here are some drone video impressions:



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