Fear of flying

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Fear of flying

Don’t give in your fear of flying

I know that many people have to cope with the fear of flying so i want to talk about it.

You must know that i’am one of about 16 % of the global people that are scared of flying. I also know a lot of people who are not scared but feel at least unpleasant sitting in a small chair being completely dependent on a person they don’t know and a technic they don’t understand.

My fear started with a crucial experience when i was on my way to Bangkok with my mother for holiday. We had so bad turbulences that i thought i am going to die. I was telling my mother that i loved her and was ready to go down. I felt completely at my mercy and ever since i feel a little bump when flying, ย it triggers me and i panic. Usually i start crying before the start when i hear the turbines or the typical other noises you have in an airplane.

Tricks and help against the fear of flying

In advance i have to tell you that for me meanwhile the only way to get through a flight is when i am on strong medication. I take 0.5 mg Tavor which is a strong receptor blocker with the active substance Lorazepam. It works for 8 hours and is known for getting very addictive. For me it works and i am completely aware of everything but i don’t have any physical symptoms of fear anymore. Time also passes faster and i can’t remember anything bad happening when i think back of the flight.

More travel hacks that might help you for a safe flight feeling

If i don’t hear so much noises while i am in the airplane it helps me to relax. So you will need really good headphones to listen to your music. I use my old “Beats by Dre” but there are Headphones that filter out back noises so you only hear what you want to listen to. My uncle uses some really good one from Sony which helped me a lot:

Also there are homeopathic drops that you can use like valerian and ย  but for me those didn’t help because of my trauma. You should try it for yourself though if your fear of flying might not be that strong.

Also helpful, ย if i have somebody sitting next to me who can hold my hand and talk me through. Distraction is always good. It might help when talking about all the safety advices and just in case scenarios and solutions the machine and the team are prepared for. And talk about the statistics ๐Ÿ˜‰ because we all know flying is the safest way to travel.

So i hope you don’t give in your fears, because you will miss so many beautiful places. Always think about the happiness you gain when traveling the world.

Good flight ๐Ÿ™‚

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