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Canggu beach

Canggu the Place to be on Bali

Google Map of Canggu

Canggu is personally my favorite place to be in Bali. Not for the nature but for the night life and the hippy atmosphere. It’s also a hotspot for traveler, backpackers and dropouts. There we met so many awesome people you easily connect to and party together.

You like kissing at the beach and dancing under the stars at night barefoot in the sand? then you definitely will enjoy Canggu Beach. Meet new people at one of the several cafes for a coffee and some delicious breakfast. Prices are totally ok there and you will find huge parking areas where you can drop of you motorbike or car. Parking is a bitch in Bali and huge parking areas like in Canggu are usually rare.


Surfing in Canggu

You like to surf? It is possibly to surf in Canggu but you really have to watch the rocks and corals. Prices for borrowing boards are much cheaper though if you compare it for example to Kuta Beach. I rather did some Yoga instead and stayed outside the water. Perfect place to take pictures at sunrise i would bet. The Rocks in the water are beautiful and its perfect to calm down, read a book and take a breath.

Canggu Beach Fotosession
All my girls do yoga








Old Mans is the place to be at night in Canggu. A beer is around 3 € so kind of like you are used to from home. You can also have snacks later when you are hungry and next to the location there is a sales car with the best burritos i have ever had. They are quite expensive so we hesitated to buy one, but then a guy gave us money because he really wanted to let us know how tasty they are. So for about 4 € we had a foodgasm i will always remember 😀 When Old Mans closes, everybody goes to the beach to Sandbar Batu Bolong or Sandbar next to Echo Beach Club. The music is totally mixed so everybody will enjoy oneself while dancing in the sand. You will meet lots of interesting people from all over the world. Have a flirt or a holiday romance there 😉

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