Lakes in and around Hamburg (hidden places) Boberg

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Boberger Dünen

Boberg and its dunes (Hamburg hidden places)


This time we want to show you the “Boberger Dünen” also in the east of Hamburg. There are two main but small entrances i know of that you can reach by car and another biking trail leading into the park. The “Boberger Dünen” is a nature reserve with beautiful walking and riding trails. It is famous for its sail airport where you can watch the gliders take off.  The whole area of about 350 hectare includes a small but deep lake where you can take a swim in the summer. The water quality is better then in other lakes because of its depth. So it is not that common that you have algae.



There is one swimming area with a sandy beach where mostly families with kids go swimming and on the opposite side you have a huge meadow for nudists. Also that meadow is known in the gay scene, so its a gay friendly hotspot there. I used to chill there all the time when i was younger with my friends. Lately i even heard from a turtle in the lake you have to watch out for. It might bite 😛

Today we want to show you the beautiful dunes from above in a short drone video max made. I am always amazed how beautiful Germany can be if you look closely. Nature is beautiful here and when we shot the drone video i even saw my first snake in Hamburg. I was so excited that i screamed and jumped hahaha

For the drone (MavicPro by DJI) video click here.



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