Bali Seminyak / Kerobokan

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BALI Seminyak/Kerobokan

Our homestay in Bali Seminyak/ Kerobokan

In Bali we were lucky to have a private room in a villa because my cousin is half indonese and we slept in the room of her friend who was in Germany at that time. We even had a little pool we could use and a car, which was such a luxury. The house was in Kerobokan, a town near Badung, Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu.

Transportation in Bali

The most common transportation in Bali is the motorbike. You can use the Uber services there for cars and motorbikes. It is a really cheap way to get from A to B. You can also rent a motorbike for a day and longer. But be aware, if you demage anything you will have to pay. Insurance or anything like that is not common in Bali. In general there is no law in Indonesia or anything like, you might be used to in your own country. It is more like, if you have more money you will pay for the demage caused in an accident, even though it wasn’t your fault.

So drive carefully because it is not that easy to drive in Indonesia. Actually you even need an international drivers license, which you probably don’t have. Well, don’t worry…. everybody is driving anyway. I have never seen a police car neither an ambulance. One time we were even driving with three people on a motorbike and one didn’t wear a helmet. We passed a policeman but nothing happend.

The streets are packed and the pullution is therefor extremly high and really annoying. Use something to cover your mouth and nose. You drive on the left side and you will need to use your horn all the time 😉 If you are on a motorbike you will see how hard it can be to pass the traffic jam in dodging on the pedestrians. Those are narrow and very high.

What to do in Seminyak/Kerobokan

First stop after arriving was the beach of course. We had a wonderful first sunset and there are plenty of beach bars where you can enjoy a cocktail or a coconut while watching the sun go down.

The most famous beach club is „The Finns“ and the „Potato Beach Club“ i would say.

At the first day we saw the „Potato Beach Club“. They have armed securities that will check your bags before you can enter. A beautiful infinity pool ist the first you will see when you step in on the beach entrance. They have hammocks which i loved to take a swing in. If you want to chill in one of there lounges you will have a requested minimum value, which kind of sucks in my opinion.

Also it is always crowded, which i am not a fan of, so we went to another bar and had dinner at the Mano Seaside Beach club. The sunset was amazing and it was not crowded at all.


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