2 nights in Dubai (sleepover)

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Sleepover in Dubai yes or no?

Dubai desert
In the desert

YES! Because i am really scared of flying ( you can check our article fear of flying) and also not a fan of being stuck in an airplane for more then nessecary i decided to make a stop in Dubai and then fly further to Indonesia. Oh man, that was such a good choice. In advance i have to say that i definetaly will come back to Dubai one day, either as a stop or for itsself.

First impressions when we got to Dubai

We arrived very early so we took a taxi to our hotel and hoped that we might get to our room earlier then the usual check in at around 3 pm. If it wasn’t possibly we thought that we can at least already stay at the pool area and get some rest from the flight.

Really unique i thought was the fact that they have extra taxis with female drivers and male drivers. So we decided for the female one even though it was a bid more money to spend. You have to check if they take the correct route though if you have google maps and service on your cellphone. Sometimes they drive a longer route so always be a bit suspicious and double check. There is a lot of construction in Dubai so you won’t really notice if you drive a longer route. But a taxi is cheaper than in Europe, so it won’t be so expensive in either case.

Taj Dubai downtown
Taj Dubai downtown

We had a really nice hotel which my friend back in germany booked for us because she works in a travel agency. But you can also check on booking.com for specials. Our criteria was, to be downtown so we can reach everything faster. But in Dubai is also a very good underground network. But usually everybody takes a taxi anyway. Haha everybody but us 😀 We decided to walk to the Dubai mall and everybody was wondering why people are outside in the heat of more than 40° Celsius. Yes, it was very exhausting but in Germany we are used to walk to everything which is near by. Thats why everybody is dressed as if it was cold because they never go out in the summer. Always near by a air-condition….

The Hotel in Dubai downtown

Our Hotel was the Taj Dubai which is very close to the Burj Khalifa so we even had a great view from our room on it. They were so gourteous there, we could already check in to the room even though it was only 8 am. We even got one extra breakfast that way for free ;). Our room was perfekt. We had an open window to the bathroom so if you want to take a bath you can have a look over Dubai downtown.

We only paid 115€ for a night for a 5 star hotel. Well of course it was side season in the summer. It is just too hot for most people to go there in the summer. But for me high tempereture is never a problem 😉 so i would certainly do it again.


Taj Dubai downtown
The Hotel Taj Dubai Downtown



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